RIC900 Rolled Ice Cream Machine Double Pan



Are you ready to finally turn your dream into a reality? Turn your dessert shop into an Ice Cream Production company, open a new store or maybe become the next hip hangout spot for dessert lovers everywhere? Before you answer, first imagine how you would feel, having thousands of customers in your shop every single week and your specialty Ice Cream becoming a National name.

Why get left behind in the latest trend? Rolled Ice Cream is taking the market by storm. Get yours today and start rolling!!!!

Serve your customers delicious frozen treats with this Rolled Ice Cream Machine! The state-of-art refrigeration technology is used on our machines to offer excellent design and reliable performance. This Rolled Ice Cream machine is, easy to move, safe to operate and energy efficient commonly used in restaurant and catering, coffee shops, frozen foods, leisure food and vending.

    1. Featuring European and American design equipped with stainless steel panels and can be fitted with custom color panels.
    2. Commercial grade which means it is durable and fit for indoor & outdoor usage.
    3. It can be customized/upgraded to meet your specific requirements.

If you were wondering where to buy a Rolled Ice Cream machine, look no further here we are!


  1. All of our machinery are manufactured in accordance with U.S standards
  2. This unit chills products at or below -24 ~ -28℃, which creates an ideal product that replicates the consistency of your favorite treat.
  3. Comes with a built in thermal insulation system and a 304 food grade stainless steel body.
  4. High quality durable components, to provide quick product turnover which improve the efficiency of work.
  5. Boasting 2 pans, this machine prepares countless helpings of product in just 5 minutes, ensuring that you’ll always have enough frozen treats on hand for your hungry customers.
  6. The size makes this unit the perfect addition to any convenience store, bakery, or quick serve restaurant. The innovative stainless steel design draws in customer attention, which will help boost impulse sales.
  7. The machine features a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and understand, no matter who is operating it.
  8. The controls allow you to set the machine to a specific temperature.
  9. The compartments are easily accessible for thorough cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Why should I get a machine?

New Venture or Expanding? If you are looking for an opportunity, Then, this is it.

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