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RIC1000 Roll Ice Cream Machine Double Pan 11 Compartments

Serve your customers delicious frozen treats with this Fried Ice Cream Machine! Our Double Square Pan Roll Thai Fried Ice Cream Machine with 11 Compartment. The state-of-art refrigeration technology is used on our machines to offer excellent design and reliable performance.

This ice cream machine is easy to move, safe to operate and energy efficient commonly used in restaurant and catering, coffee shops, frozen foods, leisure food and vending.

This machine features European and American design equipped with stainless steel panels and can be fitted with custom color panels.

It is durable and fit for indoor & outdoor usage.


Why should I get a machine?

If you are looking for an opportunity, Then, this is it.

Our customers retail a cup of roll ice cream for approx $7
Selling just 10 CUPS PER DAY will not only make sure you break even on this purchase BUT you would be profitable in a month.

If I already have a machine?

You can purchase any of variety of our machines to complement this

Waffle machines to be able to upsell your product to your customer in something other than a plain basic cup. You can serve in a taco roll, waffle cups or even the infamous puffle. Cost of each to you? Mere cents and in less than a month you would have made enough money to purchase two machines.

Soft Serve Machine offer a variety of ice cream options from traditional cones to extravagant Sundaes. Each serving costs approx .25

Batch Freezer if you really want to save cost if you are serving scoops. You can make your very own ice cream/gelato/sorbet



All of our machinery is manufactured in accordance with U.S standards.

This unit chills products at or below -25 ~ -32?, which creates an ideal product that replicates the consistency of your favorite treat.

Comes with a built in thermal insulation system and a 304 food grade stainless steel body.

High quality durable components, to provide quick product turnover which improve the efficiency of work.

Boasting of 2 tanks and 11 compartments, this machine prepares countless helpings of product in just 5 minutes, ensuring that you’ll always have enough frozen treats on hand for your hungry customers.

The size makes this unit the perfect addition to any convenience store, bakery, or quick serve restaurant. The innovative stainless steel design draws in customer attention, which will help boost impulse sales.

The machine features a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and understand, no matter who is operating it.

The controls allow you to set the machine to a specific temperature.

The compartments are easily accessible for thorough cleaning.

More Details

  • The price will be valid for 30 days.
  • Please note customizations may require additional assembly time.
  • We offer (5-7.5%) discounts on multiple orders.
  • Delivery time is standard ground (7 -14 days)
  • All machines are backed by our one year quality guarantee.
  • All machines come with CE Certification.
  • All machines come with a starter kit (spatula, cups, spoons) absoloutely free


Technical Details:

Product Name: Fry Ice Cream Machine Double Square Pan Roll Ice Cream Thai Machine With 11 Pcs Tanks

Brand: Legacy Original Equipment

Square Pan Size: 18?

The Material Of Pan: Stainless Steel 304

Pan Quantity: 2 Pcs

Tank Quantity: 11pcs

Spatula Quantity: 4 Pcs

Power: 2800W

Voltage: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ

Power Plug: Customized

Refrigerant: R410A/R404A+R134A

Compressor: 2 Panasonic/Embraco + 1 Embraco Lowest Temperature: -25 ~ -32

Icing Time: 3mins/Time

Dimension: 47*28*32 Inch

Packing Size: 50*30*32

Inch Packing: Plywood Case

N.W.: 209 LBS G.W. 242 LBS

Please note: Customized sizes and addons may require 21-30 days for delivery


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