Poultry/Meat Vacuum Tumbler Marinating Machine

This vacuum tumbler, also known as vacuum marinating machine, is mainly used for processing meat, such as beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, pork and fish, which improves the condiment into the meat. Under the collision, friction and roll kneading effect, the meat will absorb the pickled liquid completely and uniformly thus making the meat more delicious and flexible.

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Tumbler/Marinating Machine Main Features:

  1. This machine is made of stainless steel material.
  2. It can be widely used to process pork, poultry, fish meat, beef seafood, etc.
  3. It can increase the elasticity and the adhesion of meat will be improved greatly.
  4. This machine is easy to operate and clean, has high efficiency, and has low energy consumption.

The Vacuum Marinator machine uses vacuum pressure and a tumbling action to dramatically reduce the time needed to marinate proteins. The flat edge of the barrel tenderizes the meat as it tumbles, and the vacuum removes air from the chamber so the marinade can deeply penetrate the meat. This vacuum and tumbling action simulate overnight marination in as little as 20-25 minutes. The commercial vacuum food marinator is ideal for restaurants that are low on cooler space but still need meats marinated, or to supplement an overnight marination program.

The Vacuum Marinator includes a safety stop to stop the tumbler drum if it catches on clothing or an object and is available in 100-2000 L capacities.


ModelPower(kw)Volume(L)Capacity (kg/batch)Rotate speed (r/min)Machine size
YS-S1001.310050-606 /Adjustable38.5*25*42
YS-S2001.5200100-1206 /Adjustable53*32.5*53
YS-S3002.25300150-1806 /Adjustable55*36.5*53
YS-S5002.25500250-3006 /Adjustable56*40*57
YS-S6002.95600300-3606 /Adjustable62*40*57
YS-S8004.75800400-4806 /Adjustable70*44.5*61
YS-S10006.61000500-6006 /Adjustable74*51*67.5
YS-S12006.61200500~8006 /Adjustable89*56*71
YS-S16008.61600700~10006 /Adjustable89*57*71
YS-S20008.620001000-14006 /Adjustable110*67*85



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