Mixing and Pasteurizer Machine

Say goodbye to tedious manual mixing and pasteurizing. Take your food production to the next level with this Mixing and Pasteurizer Machine! It is the perfect solution for any business needing to create high-quality products with top-notch hygiene standards. It will help you quickly and efficiently process your ingredients for maximum flavor and safety. It’s reliable, and efficient and will make your food production process a breeze.?

With this Pasteurizer Machine, you’ll have the perfect mix of ingredients in no time. It’s the perfect way to save time and money while making sure that you always have the perfect mix. It is capable of sterilizing milk, air, water, and surfaces in hospitals, food, disinfection cabinets, and water treatment facilities.?

With its superior performance and high level of safety, this Mixing and Pasteurizer Machine is an ideal choice for hospitals, food processing, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, milk factories, breweries, beverage factories, bakeries, cold rooms and more. Get your mix ready to go with this machine and make life easier!

Key Features:

✅ Versatile mixing and pasteurization capabilities
✅ Powerful motor and precision blades
✅ Built-in pasteurization for safe and hygienic products
✅ Intuitive controls and user-friendly design
✅ Durable construction and compact size
✅ Ideal for multiple food items

Technical Parameter:

  • Model: QD-30L, QD-50L, QD-100L, QD-150L
  • Power: 2-6Kw, 2-9Kw, 2-9Kw, 3-12Kw
  • Temperature: 0-100?, 0-100?, 0-100?, 0-100?
  • Outer size: 50*110cm, 55*110cm, 65*110cm, 71*110cm
  • Inner size: 35*35cm, 40*40cm, 50*50cm, 56.5*60cm
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