High Pressure Homogenizer

Make the most of your production process and take your production to the next level with this High-Pressure Homogenizer! It is a powerful and efficient machine that can be used to homogenize and emulsify a variety of liquids and solids, making it an ideal piece of equipment for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries.?

This Powerful Homogenizing Machine is a perfect solution for any fluid mixture material homogenization and emulsification needs. It transforms your materials and makes them like a dream with the power of intense pressure. With this homogenizer, you are guaranteed superior results with every use.

This Powerful Machine allows you to homogenize and emulsify materials with a liquid-liquid or liquid-solid phase, making it perfect for an array of industries. From food and dairy to beverages and pharmaceuticals, this homogenizer is ideal for production, scientific research, and technology development.

Its compact design, user-friendly operation, and durability make it the smart choice for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and increase profits. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Get this High-Pressure Homogenizer today and see the difference for yourself.

Key Features:

✅ High-pressure homogenization
✅ Consistent and smooth mixtures every time
✅ Uniform suspensions/emulsions/dispersions
✅ Perfect finish every time
✅ Perfect finish for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries
✅ Compact and user-friendly
✅ Durable and reliable
✅ Improves quality and efficiency
✅ Ideal for processing small and large batches
✅ Cutting-edge technology for modern production
✅ Must-have machine for businesses looking to maximize profits

Technical Parameter of 200L Homogenizer:

  • Flow: 200L/h
  • Maximum pressure: 25mpa
  • Working pressure: 20mpa
  • Motor power: 2.2kw
  • Size: 755*520*935mm
  • Voltage: 380V/50hz

Technical Parameter: of 1500L Homogenizer:

  • Model: QD-JJ-1.5/40
  • Maximum Pressure: 40
  • Rated Pressure: 32
  • Rated Flow: 1500L/h
  • Viscosity: ?0.2(Pa s)
  • Temperature: 80
  • Granularity: 50 Mesh
  • Feed Pipe Diameter: ?38
  • Outlet Pipe Diameter: ?38
  • Cooling Water Inlet: G1/4″
  • Cooling Water Outlet: G1″
  • Motor Power: 22KW
  • Dimensions: 1360-950-1220 mm
  • N.W: 1100KG
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