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Gas Griddle

Made with stainless steel and a cast iron cooking plate for even heating and cooking. This griddle is perfect for cooking up vegetables, eggs and meat without the worry of mess due to the back and side guards to prevent grease and oil spatters.

Thermostatic control allows you to adjust the temperature of the gas griddle to suit the cooking requirements of different foods.122?F-572?F (50?-300?), large temperature control range, two temperature controllers, more uniform heat.

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Gas Griddle Details and Features

  • Plate Size : 21.5in x 13.7in x 0.1in
  • Weight : 22Kg.
  • Dimension : 21in(L) x 18in(W) x 14.5in(H) Rm380.
  • Plate Size : 28.7in x 15.7in x 0.2in Weight : 55Lbs.





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