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Compact Grain Grinder

Grind your own nutritious and fresh flour with the compact and efficient Compact Grain Grinder. Its simple design and ease of use make it the perfect tool for home use or small-scale farming. Order now for a healthier and more nutritious alternative to store-bought flour.

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Space-saving and versatile

The powerful motor and sharp blades ensure efficient grinding of various ingredients, from coffee beans to spices and nuts. Say goodbye to manual grinding and save precious time and effort with the convenience of a compact grinder. Its portable nature allows you to take it wherever you go, whether it’s a camping trip or a picnic.

Compact and Efficient Grain Milling

The Mini Grain Milling Machine is the perfect tool for small-scale grain milling. Its compact size and efficient design make it ideal for home use, small farms, or specialty bakeries. The machine is capable of grinding a variety of grains, including wheat, rice, corn, and more, and can produce flour with varying levels of fineness, from 20 to 200 mesh.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Compact Grain Grinder is designed for ease of use and maintenance. Its simple controls and compact size make it easy to operate, and the machine can be easily cleaned and maintained with minimal effort. Its durable construction ensures years of reliable use, and the machine is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Healthier and More Nutritious Flour

The Mini Grain Milling Machine allows you to produce your own flour from whole grains, ensuring that your flour is fresher and more nutritious than store-bought alternatives. By grinding your own grains, you can also avoid the additives and preservatives often found in commercial flour, making it a healthier choice for you and your family.

✅ Compact and space-saving
✅ Fully automated
✅ Large volume hourly capacity
✅ Low energy consumption
✅ Durable and wear resistant
✅ Easy to clean
✅ User-friendly operation
✅ High-grade stainless steel

Technical Details

Capacity lbs per hour53 – 88 lbs53 – 88 lbs
Rotation Speed1420 r/min1420 r/min
Power2.2 kw3 kw
Machine Size (LxWxH)22.5* 10* 18 inches22.5* 10.5 * 18 inches
Net Weight110 lbs132 lbs
Voltage220 V380 V

More Details

  • The price would be valid for 30 days
  • We offer 3-5% discounts on orders consisting of multiple items
  • All machines are backed by our one-year quality guarantee
  • All machines come with the necessary accessories
  • Please note – Customised equipment may require an additional 25-35 days for delivery

We Can Customize!!

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    • Shorter
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    • Additional Compartments
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    • Branded

    More customizations are available. Please contact us for options and prices

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