Coffee Printer

New Innovative Coffee/Latte Printer

Sweet tasting edible ink, this fantastic Latte Printer makes your customized latte art within 10 to 20 seconds.? Use your mobile phone or android device Bluetooth or wireless connection, you will be able to send and print any of your favorite pictures on top of coffee, milk, milkshake, hot chocolate, cakes and cookies you name it.

All you need to do is to scan a simple barcode to upload the picture to the printer, like shopping in the supermarket, quick and easy.

Makes 120 cups per cartridge.

Coffee Printer?Package Contents:

  • Printer x 1 PC
  • Software x 1PC
  • Ink Cartridge x 2PCS(1 For Black,1 Color C M Y)
  • Edible Food Ink x 4 PCS(100ML/C M Y K, Refill to Ink cartridge)

Technical Specifications

  • Technology: INKJET PRINTING
  • Printer Head Version: HP Printer Head
  • Ink Type: Edible Food Ink, color C M Y K
  • Print Speed: 10-20 S/Cup
  • Size. Cup Height: 0-7 inch.
  • Print Area: 8 x 8 Inches
  • Voltage 110v
  • Power Rate: 10W
  • Printer Size: 16 x 17 * 18 inches
  • Ink Supply System: 2 Separate Cartridges,1 For Black Ink,1 For C M Y Ink
  • Software: Customize Software support Windows Xp, Win7, Win8,Win10
  • Height Adjust System: Automatic Adjust, Controlled by Infrared Ray
  • Printer Weight: 40lbs
  • Working Condition: 10?- 35?,Humidity 20%-80%
  • Application: Print on an assortment of surfaces such as coffee, milkshakes, cake, cookies, etc.
  • System: Inside software, picture can be taken, edit its size, upload the picture or use the picture inside library.


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