Chocolate Tempering Machine

Take your chocolate production to the next level by creating beautiful and delicious chocolate treats with this Chocolate Tempering Machine! It is designed to make the process of tempering chocolate simple and efficient, by combining the processes of pouring, vibrating, and auto temperature control into one. With its compact conformation and easy operations, this machine is perfect for those who are looking for a time-saving solution for pouring and filling chocolate.?

This Temperature-Adjusting Pouring Machine ensures consistent temperature control for optimal results every time. Its robust design also allows it to handle larger batches of chocolate with ease. With a quick and easy setup and adjustable settings, you can have perfectly tempered chocolate in no time.

This Reliable and Efficient Machine is designed with fully brushed stainless steel, which ensures full compliance with food hygiene requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tempering and enjoy perfectly tempered chocolate for all your culinary creations. From truffles to bars, this machine will bring your chocolate creations to the next level. Don’t settle for subpar chocolate – upgrade your kitchen with the Chocolate Tempering Machine today!

Key Features:

✅ Consistent tempering
✅ Easy-to-use controls
✅ Industrial-grade performance
✅ Precision temperature control
✅ Rapid heating system
✅ Flexible with compact design.
✅ Easy operation, convenient maintenance
✅ Ideal for large scale chocolate making
✅ Perfect results every time

Technical Parameter:

  • Model: JZJ08, JZJ15, JZJ30, JZJ60, JZJ24
  • Power: 0.8(kw), 1(kw), 1.8(kw), 2(kw), 2.2(kw)
  • Capacity: 5-15kg/h, 5-15kg/h, 10-25kg/h, 10-40kg/h, 15-45kg/h
  • Voltage: 220v, 220v, 220v,? 220v, 220v
  • Size: 660*590*590mm, 700*680*690mm, 1030*730*1320mm, 1230*880*1420mm, 1360*680*680mm
  • Weight: 39kg, 52kg, 125kg, 188kg, 115kg
  • Heating method: Electric, Electric, Electric, Electric, Electric
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