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Bun Making Machine Automatic

you don’t have to hassle to have the perfect steamed buns. Our machine can stuff and mold buns according to your standard and taste.

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Effortless Bun Making Experience

Introducing our Automatic Steamed Bun Making Machine, the ultimate solution for efficient and consistent bun production. Whether you run a restaurant, a food stall, or a catering business, our machine simplifies the entire bun-making process. Experience the joy of producing perfect, soft, and fluffy steamed buns with ease and precision, while saving valuable time and effort.

Bun Making Machine Automatic

Our Automatic Steamed Bun Making Machine incorporates smart technology to ensure the ideal bun-making conditions. With automated mixing, kneading, and dough portioning, you can trust that our machine delivers consistent and uniform buns every time. The precise steaming process guarantees that your buns come out fluffy and delectable, delighting your customers with each bite.

The user-friendly control panel allows you to adjust settings and customize bun sizes effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility of producing various bun sizes to cater to different preferences and menu items.

Reliable and Safe Bun Production

Built with reliability and safety in mind, our Automatic Steamed Bun Making Machine is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The automatic shut-off feature and safety sensors provide added protection during operation, giving you peace of mind while producing buns.

With its efficient design and production capacity, our machine enables you to meet high demand without compromising on bun quality. Streamline your bun-making process and elevate your food business with our automatic steamed bun-making machine.

Compact and space-saving
Fully automated
High Accuracy
Low energy consumption
Durable and wear resistant
Easy to clean
User-friendly operation
High-grade stainless steel

Offer your clients the following benefits:

    Time Saving Convenience, Precision Products, Automated Reliability

Technical Parameter:

Model No.A
Power SourceAC 220/110V
Motor Power2.4KW
Materialstainless steel
Baozi weight15 – 180g/ 0.5-6.5 ounces PCS adjustable
Sealing Speed500-3000/hour adjustable
Packing Size60*26*65 in
G.W.529 LBS


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We Can Customize!!

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    • Branded

    More customizations are available. Please contact us for options and prices

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