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Blast Freezer

The Blast Freezer is perfect for any food service business. ?Blast Freezers prevent the busting of cells by rapidly freezing the foods and forming small ice crystals. ?The longer foods take to freeze the larger the ice crystalizes which does affects the quality of your food.

Rapid Cooling and Preservation: The Blast Freezer

A blast freezer is a specialized industrial freezer that quickly freezes products by blowing very cold air onto them. This type of freezer offers several advantages such as fast freezing, prolonged shelf life, enhanced food safety, energy efficiency, space-saving design, flexibility in customization, and high-volume production capabilities.

These features make it an ideal choice for preserving the quality, texture, and taste of a wide range of products, extending their shelf life, preventing bacterial growth, reducing operating costs, and handling large-scale?production.

Experience the speed and efficiency of our blast freezer. With its powerful cooling system and advanced technology, this appliance freezes food at an accelerated rate, significantly reducing the freezing time compared to traditional freezers. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that require rapid food freezing to meet high demand or comply with food safety regulations.

Our blast freezer allows you to freeze large quantities of food quickly and evenly. Its spacious interior and adjustable shelves provide ample storage space for various types of food items. Whether you need to freeze ingredients, pre-prepared meals, or finished products, this freezer accommodates your needs with ease. Save time and increase productivity in your kitchen with the fast-freezing capabilities of our blast freezer.

User-Friendly Design and Precision Control

Invest in a blast freezer that combines user-friendliness with precision control. Our freezer features an intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, making it simple to operate for both experienced chefs and kitchen staff. You can set the desired temperature and freezing time with precision, ensuring optimal results for different types of food.

The durable construction of our blast freezer ensures its longevity and ability to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen environment. Its easy-to-clean interior and removable shelves simplify maintenance and hygiene. Additionally, the energy-efficient design of the freezer helps minimize energy consumption, saving you costs in the long run.

The benefits of using a blast freezer include:

✅ Rapid freezing: Blast freezers can rapidly freeze products to very low temperatures, preserving the quality, texture, and taste of the product.
✅ Increased shelf life: Rapid freezing can extend the shelf life of products, allowing them to be stored for longer periods of time without losing quality.
✅ Improved food safety: Rapid freezing can kill bacteria and other microorganisms, making frozen products safer to consume.
✅ Energy efficiency: Blast freezers are designed to be energy efficient, reducing the cost of operation.
✅ Space-saving: Blast freezers take up less space than traditional freezers, and can be used for a variety of products, including meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables.
✅ Customizable: Blast freezers can be customized to suit specific needs and requirements, such as temperature and airflow.
✅ High-volume production: Blast freezers are well suited for high-volume production and?commercial?use.

Technical Details

Capacity430L / 113 gal
Machine Size (LxWxH)32.6*35*76in
Lowest Temperature-40
Compressor2HP Tecumseh
Pan quantity12pcs
Pan size40*60 inches
Defrost functionIncluded
Cooling modeFan cooling
Net weight353lbs



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