Automatic Egg Incubator

If you’re planning to raise poultry, like chickens, ducks or even pigeons, then an incubator would be would be perfect for your eggs.

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Effortless Efficiency and Precision

Our automatic egg incubator machine is fit for all sorts of eggs, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs, etc. Mainly used in egg hatching and embryo development.

Effortless Incubator Experience

Introducing our Automatic Egg Incubator, the ultimate solution for hassle-free egg hatching. Whether you’re a professional breeder or a novice enthusiast, our incubator simplifies the entire incubation process. Experience the joy of successful hatching without the stress and effort, as our automatic incubator takes care of the crucial details to ensure healthy and thriving chicks.

Smart Technology for Optimal Hatching Conditions

Our Automatic Egg Incubator features smart technology that maintains precise temperature and humidity levels throughout the incubation period. With automated temperature and humidity control, you can trust that our incubator provides the ideal conditions for the eggs to develop into healthy embryos. The automated turning mechanism ensures that the eggs receive consistent and gentle rotations, mimicking natural nesting conditions.

The user-friendly digital interface allows you to monitor and adjust settings effortlessly, giving you full control over the incubation process without any guesswork.

Reliable and Safe Incubation

Built with reliability and safety in mind, our Automatic Egg Incubator is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The automatic shut-off feature provides added safety, preventing overheating and potential hazards. Rest easy knowing that our incubator is designed to give your eggs the best chance of hatching successfully.

With its spacious interior, our incubator accommodates various egg sizes, making it suitable for hatching a wide range of poultry and avian species.

  1. Intelligent incubation system, safe and reliable.
  2. High economic benefits.
  3. Accurate and safe temperature control
  4. Timing automatic egg-turning control.
  5. Automatic ventilation and humidity control.

Technical Details

Temperature display range550
Temperature measurement accuracy<0.1>
Temperature control accuracy0.1
Humidity display range0.99%RH
Humidity precision control5%RH
Output approach(Medium) 4 (temperature control, left-over eggs, right over the egg, alarm) (High) 7 Road, (over-temperature, temperature control,
low temperature, controlled humidity, temperature control, left-over eggs, right over egg, alarm)
Output currentTemperature Control 220V 10A, the other 200V 1A
Over egg cycle0.1–99.9hour?Factory settings 1.5hour?
Eggs over time1-255 seconds adjustable (factory set to 180 seconds)
Doubled the number of eggsMaximum record 999 times
Ventilation cycle5-999 minutes (adjustable, factory 0 hours, non-ventilation)
Ventilation time0-999 seconds (adjustable, factory 30 seconds)
Measurement of the line is long1.5M
Control Panel Size10 – 3.5 in
Operating voltageAC180V – 240V – 50Hz
Relative humidityLess than 85%
Ambient temperature-10–40
Machine size1.35*0.87*1.31 inches
Weight242 lbs


More Details

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  • All machines come with the necessary accessories
  • Please note – Customised equipment may require an additional 25-35 days for delivery

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